Adrianne Curry Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Showing Boob and Nose Job

There are very few celebrities in the world who show the guts to come out clean with plastic surgery confessions – Adrianne Curry is one gutsy (and honest) celebrity among them. The American model has had some breast implant and Rhinoplasty procedures done ever since won America’s Next Top Model show on reality TV. And Oh boy! Doesn’t she look fabulous in her new plastics?

Did Adrianne Curry Had Boob Job and Nose Job ?

According to her revealing interview to US Weekly, Adrianne went under the knife for breast augmentation because there was a size difference between her breasts. This is quite normal in most women, but celebs like to get them perfectly equal in size.

adrianne curry before and after photo

Adrianne Curry before and after plastic surgery

She went on to say about her post-op experience as; “When I woke up, I was screaming in pain and they shot me up with morphine. Later I was prescribed Percocet and Valium, but I think because I was addicted to cocaine and heroin as a teenager, they didn’t really affect me.”

But looks like she is happy with her decision to go under the knife and endure all that pain. She says; “it’s amazing to look down and think, ‘Oh God. I don’t have deformed boobs anymore! I’ve always shown my boobs and acted confident with them, but I wasn’t. My left breast is a full B or a small C-cup, and my right breast is a full A-cup. My friends jokingly call me One Hang Low. I used to stuff wads of toilet paper in my bra to fill out the smaller side.’

Looks like we have a winner here with the brand new same-sized boobs. However, we are disappointed with your nose job Adrianne. Looks like it was totally unnecessary. Was it something the plastic surgeon offered for free?

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