Adrienne Maloof Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

‘The real housewife of Beverly Hills’ Adrienne Maloof has upped her presence in the celebrity gossip circle with fresh plastic surgery rumors. The Adrienne’s face came under the scanner after ‘Star’ magazine dug out one of her high school photos, which kindled no resemblance to the ‘now’ 52 year old American TV star.

So we took a closer look at Adrienne’s photos from different time periods and almost found a trail of plastic surgery stories. She is 50 plus and so, Botox and facelifts are obvious suspects. But Ms Maloof seems to have been good friends with plastic surgery since her younger days. Adrienne’s ex-husband and famous plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif, has already confirmed Botox and face fillers. But we know there is more.

Adrienne Maloof Plastic surgery  Adrienne Maloof before and afterPhoto

Adrienne Maloof Plastic surgery Photo

Experts suspect multiple face enhancement treatments including Botox injections for her forehead, fillers like Sculptra for the cheeks, a brow lift for that arched eyebrows and most importantly a Rhinoplasty for that sculpted nose.  There have been some rumors making the round about breast implants and occasional ‘plumping up’ for the lips with fillers.

‘Real Housewives’ co-stars Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump have also been adding fuel to the fire by making not-so-nice remarks on Adrienne’s ‘Plastic’ face. Cosmetic surgery is no stranger to Hollywood and there are no guarantees for ‘real’ housewives here. Adrienne seems to have fallen into the lucky group who got their ‘plastic’ beauty right and did not end up being weird, unlike a few other unfortunates. If anything has gone wrong, that has to be a recent facelift which was successful in stretching and freezing her face.

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