Al Pacino Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Between Godfather 3 and now, Al Pacino has played similar characters throughout his career and slowly transformed from an Italian mafia head to almost a plastic surgery disaster. Looks like age made him ‘an offer he couldn’t refuse.’ In  an attempt to gain back his youthful charm, Al Pacino seems to have had tried quite a bit of his plastic surgeon’s advices and suggestions on his face.

Did Al Pacino Have Plastic Surgery or Facelift ?

The 73 year old Alfredo James “Al” Pacino, an American actor/director is most popular for his Micheal Corleone role in the classic Godfather series. The success of the movie had him appearing in similar characters almost for the rest of his career. But then his age did not want his face to remain the same. And Al decided to fight it, rendering it almost unrecognizable. It is suspected that Al Pacino has had a browlift, facelifts, eyelid surgeries, laser treatments and dermal injections like Botox.

Al Pacino before and after plastic surgery

Al Pacino before and after Photo

From his before and after photos we can see that his sunken eyes look fresher and brighter, while his sagging skin is tighter and smoother on his face. He also sports a flawlessly tighter neck and jawline. For a man of 70 years, that’s a little too hard to be taken as natural. He might have also had a Rhinoplasty to lift up the tip of his nose and narrow the bridge.

Okay, we have to agree that he looks much better, if not recognizable. What’s your opinion?

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