Alexa Vega Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants

Spy Kids star, Alexa Vega has certainly grown up to be a stunning Hollywood actress and singer. Apparently, she wanted to ‘grow’ a little more and decided to pay a visit to the plastic surgeon. The 25 year old is suspected of having had breast implants to boost her appearance.

Has Alexa Vega had plastic surgery ?

At her age, it is quite common for a sudden change in the bust area. But naturally, these are well within control. However, in Alexa’s case the cup sizes are beyond an A or B. This certainly suggests the use of breast enhancement procedures using fillers or implants. It is likely the latter as it is common for celebrities to undergo plastic surgery to have implants inserted inside their boobs. This does give better shape and increases the size of their bust area. Judging from her before and after photos, Alexa seems to have achieved these results.

Alexa vega plastic surgery before and after photo

Alexa Vega before and after plastic surgery

Early in 2014, these changes were being noticed by celebrity watchers and the rumor mills have been running since then. Especially, as Alexa has decided to remain mum on the subject, we can only speculate about her plastic surgery involvement. But these speculations are likely to be true, considering the dramatic change her body has gone through.

There are rumors about Alexa having undergone plastic surgery procedures on other parts of her body as well, to enhanceher looks and blend in with the Hollywood crowd. But these do not have an substantial proof to back them up. These subtle changes could well be part of the growing up process.

All is well as far as Alexa sticks to her breast implants and do not get addicted to plastic surgery.

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