Alyson Hannigan Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

You know Lily from ‘How I met your Mother’ – the sweet little Lily Aldrin or Alyson Hannigan seems to have sought Plastic surgery help for her beauty requirements.  The American actress has been garnering popularity with her much acclaimed roles in movies like American Pie and Buffy- The Vampire Slayer. With the fame came the blame too – rumor mongers would swear that Alyson has recently joined the celebrity plastic surgery club. Alyson has not admitted to have gone under the knife, but her Before and After photos tell a different story.

So what are the charges for Alyson Hannigan in the Plastic Surgery case? – A very ‘Visible’ Breast augmentation, a cleverly done minor nose job and a face too young and tight for a 39 year old, which is suspected to be the result of a facelift and Botox treatment. Can you spot these in her photographs from different time periods?

Alyson Hannigan Plastic Surgery Alyson Hannigan before and after photo

Alyson Hannigan Plastic Surgery Photo

The nose surgery seems like a hoax at first look. But take a good long look and you will spot the difference at the tip. Does it look a sharper than before? Next suspect – the youthful face, glowing under the effects of a finely executed facelift and regular Botox injections for that wrinkle-free forehead, seems to have taken at least 10 years off Alyson.

The most distinctly recognizable and most debated cosmetic surgery procedure that Ms Hannigan seems to have pulled off is the boob job. Her breasts have definitely ‘grown’ larger in a very short time span. This development is impossible without the help of a good plastic surgeon. The breast augmentation seems to have done wonders for Alyson and is a definite compliment for that young face.

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Thankfully, Alyson Hannigan did not cross the limit and decided to make thinks weird and unrecognizable. So far so good with her plastic surgery experiments, we do hope she stays within the limit in the future too.

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