Amal Alamuddin Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Amal Alamuddin- also known as Amal Clooney due to her recent marriage to George Clooney is a England born lawyer and author who has gone out of her way to speak about criminal law and human rights. She has made a huge impact in her field, and at just 37 years old has accomplished more than most seasoned lawyers. Besides her brains she is also known for her striking good looks. If you take one look at her you can tell that she is a beautiful woman and it is easy to see why George fell for her so hard.  Despite what people think the truth is she likely had some plastic surgery done to herself in order to keep her young look that you see today. The before and after photos show a lot, you can see at least two of the surgeries she had done in these two photos.

Amal Alamuddin plastic surgery before and after photos

Amal Alamuddin plastic surgery

First, it is obvious that she had a face lift. You can look at both of the photos and see where one has her face as slightly more drawn out, and nowhere near as tight as the after photo. A face lift is a great way to make yourself look 10 or 20 years younger after just one surgery. It would not be a surprise to find out that she had a few of these surgeries to keep her youthful look.

The second surgery would seem to be a chin job. The before picture shows her chin as being slightly crooked and not even close to as perfect as it is now. A chin job is done when the surgeon goes in and crafts the chin to make it look similar to the way the patient requested. If you find a high quality plastic surgeon like Amal Alamuddin the results could be near amazing.