Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery Before and After

So, it’s no big secret that Amanda Bynes have had her regular visits to a plastic surgeon scheduled for a long time now. She even admitted to it publicly on Twitter. The revelations were that she has undergone a “couple of nose jobs” to remove the “webbing between her eyes.” Amanda went on to say that she absolutely “love surgery” and won’t mind going under the knife again. “I plan on having surgery on my whole face straight up” – Yup, that’s her plans.

Has Amanda Bynes had plastic surgery ?

Amanda Bynes plastic surgery before and after photo, Amanda Bynes breast implants

Amanda Bynes before after plastic surgery

The 28 year old American actress has had a tumultuous life and is always troubled by something or the other – probably the bad influence of having spent a lot of time under the limelight since childhood. From being arrested for driving under the influence to being sent away for psychiatric treatments, the young actress has had more than a fair share of bad publicity. But all that doesn’t matter when it comes to improving once appearance – does it? After all, plastic surgery or no plastic surgery – Amanda looks perfectly gorgeous for the glamour and fashion industry.

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Apart for the nose job, it is also rumored that Amanda has had her breast enhancement fix too, which can be clearly seen from her before and after pictures showing Amanda Bynes boob job. It is also common knowledge that Amanda feels “ugly” and needs to have “More and more plastic surgery”. This suggests that she is getting addicted to the idea of a perfect body through surgery. Hope she doesn’t end up like the Catwoman!

Good luck to Amanda and her quest for beauty. Stay out of jail though! Plastic surgery won’t help you there.

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