Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Amanda Bynes is one of the most popular cast members on the old TV show “All That”, which was a kid’s version of Saturday Night Live. Since that point in her life she has done a lot, including a Maxim photo shoot and stared in movies as well. Throughout the years we watched Amanda Bynes go through puberty and become the woman she is today. The thing is, after she hit adulthood you could notice subtle changes in the way her face looked, many assumed these changes to be due to plastic surgery and the every growing demand for beauty in Hollywood.

Amanda Bynes plastic surgery before and after photos

Amanda Bynes plastic surgery

The question often comes up, did she have any work done, and if so where? The first thing that a lot of people notice when they look at the before and after photos of Amanda Bynes is her nose. You can see that her nose changed quite a bit after she grew up. Her nose now seems to be smaller and stubby, which is a sign of a nose job. It would not be a surprise to find out that Amanda wanted to get a nose job so that she could craft her face in the image that she always wanted. That is not the only surgery that seems obvious from the pictures.

A chin job is also something that people speculate about when they look at her photos. When she was younger she always had a broad chin with no chin dimple. Now she has a narrow chin with a small dimple, something that is usually done with plastic surgery if it does not occur naturally. If she did get work done it did nothing but make her look better. A chin job is a small procedure compared to some of the other surgeries out there. Even though she might have had a little work done she still continues to shine with her natural beauty and a little help from her surgeon.

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