Amie Yancey Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Amie Yancey is a star on the hit TV show Flipping Vegas. The show features Amie and her husband as they attempt to repair houses and make a big profit by doing the work. Flipping Vegas airs on A&E and is watched by millions. One thing that many fans have questioned is the amount of plastic surgery that Amie clearly had done since the show first aired in 2011. A major surgery that is immediately clear is her nose job, it does not look bad. However, you can see that there was some work done to it to get it looking the way that it does today.

A facelift seems like it could also be an option for the reality show star. You will notice at the beginning she had frown lines and was developing very small wrinkles. As the show progresses, it looks like her face is becoming more lifted and tight. These features seem like an obvious sign of a facelift. Honestly, the lift made her face look great, it does not appear overdone.

Amie Yancey Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Amie Yancey Plastic Surgery

When you take some time to consider the fact that Amie may have choose to get facelifts, it makes sense that she would also receive Botox shots. The fullness of her face may be signs of getting the shots. The purpose of the shots is to keep her face looking full and beautiful, which it does. She has never openly admitted whether she used cosmetic surgery to make herself look the way she does today. If she is not using plastic surgery, she surely has discovered the fountain of youth. Plastic surgery is not always a bad thing. Cosmetic surgery can make people feel great about themselves, which is important. It would just be best for her to admit the surgeries if she is ever asked, this way the truth will be known, and she can be happy knowing it is all out in the open.

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  1. Someone seems to have made a mistake. One photo is of Amie the other is someone else (whom is on a before and after search elsewhere.)

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