AngelaBaby Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Angela Baby started off her modeling career, when she was just seventeen, after six years, the way her new body and face appears like, is absolutely remarkable. It is much rumored that the twenty three year old diva has gone for multiple surgeries which has transformed her appearance completely. Among her long array of surgeries is a rhinoplasty or a nose job, a double eyelid surgery, jaw implantation for chin elongation. If that doesn’t sound enough, Angela is speculated to have altered her body type as well to look her best on camera.

Has AngelaBaby Had Plastic Surgery?

AngelaBaby plastic surgery before after

During the first few years of her modeling period, Angela Baby had a very different smile, rather crooked. Her perfect smile took form post her getting braces and after her gum surgery. Back in 2008, her photograph showcased a much sharper nose than what she started with, especially, the bridge of her nose. Her eyes have also opened up substantially from before, which seems to be the obvious outcome of a blepharoplasty. Her before and after pictures showcase these changes a little too obviously.

Back in 2009 Angela Baby had round plump cheeks which complemented her adorable face. That was the time when she looked her very best with a freshly bloomed look on her face. In her pictures captured around 2011, her face dramatically elongated, probably because of the jaw implant along with slimming down of the face. The additional chin work elongated her face substantially, which completely did away with the baby like face she had.

The rhinoplasty performed on her has pretty much slimmed down her nose as well, and she doesn’t have the signature nose anymore, which Asians usually do. Angela Baby started off as a beautiful fresh face, unfortunately with a tad too much of plastic surgery she looks exactly what the surgery does to you, plastic.

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