Arnold Schwarzenegger Plastic Surgery Before and After – Botox, Neck Lifts, Face Lifts

Bodybuilder first, then a businessman turned Hollywood actor, director, producer, and recently a politician – Arnold Schwarzenegger has had the chance to be under the limelight in various roles. Celebrity watchers say that the 66 year old celebrity is stocked up with steroids and has had plastic surgery several times. Arnold chooses to rubbish it all though.

According to celebrity watchers and gossip columns, Mr. Schwarzenegger has made an attempt at reining in his age with face and neck lifts plus Botox. He is also suspected to have had cheek and chin implants earlier. Recently, a liposuction rumor has been doing the rounds too.

Arnold Schwarzenegger before and after photo

Arnold Schwarzenegger before and after plastic surgery

When asked about his sleeker chiseled jaw line in 2003, which looked much different from what he had in the 70s, Arnold said that he is ‘being confused with Cheer!” He claims that he has never had any plastic surgery, “Botox or any other surgery. So this is the real thing.”

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Experts are divided on the matter. Some is in support of the stars denial and says that he is perfectly natural. But others like Dr. Richard Ellenbogen says: “Arnold Schwarzenegger is a 65 year old man. Now, honestly do 65 year old men look as good as him? He’s juiced with steroids and has had two heart operations. We hate to out manly men like Arnold, but his face is tight, his skin is not wrinkled, his jaw line is anything but saggy. Duh! If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it is a facelift, chin adjustment, neck lift and probably a laundry list of injectables and other procedures…he looks great. Congrats to his plastic surgeon.”

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