Ashlee Simpson Nose Job Before And After Photos

Born on the 3rd of October, 1984 Ashlee Nichole Simpson rose to limelight back in 2004 through her debut album, a onetime affair- Autobiography. This pop singer, dancer, songwriter and actress, is the baby sister of Jessica Simpson. Now, her career as a pop star isn’t something that is too remarkable, however her new nose has made her much popular in media.

Has Ashlee Simpson had a nose job?

Ashlee Simpson Nose Job Before After

Now, plastic surgery has sure helped a number of celebrities to proceed in their career. Unfortunately, for many the procedure has completely ruined their career. Given the existing peer pressure in the industry, finding one celebrity who is truly happy with their natural appearance is difficult if not impossible.

Ashlee was always known to sport for Roman nose, which she was clearly not happy about, since in her recent pictures she is sporting a brand new one, substantially different from her before pictures. There was a significant bump on the bridge of her nose, which has disappeared courtesy the rhinoplasty, giving her the new slimmer version.

Ashlee was a pretty women to begin with and is in her early twenties. Going under the knife wasn’t something that was much required for her. Be it for peer pressure or in a pursuit to make a mark, the younger Simpson decided to go under the blade to get her nose tweaked.

Initially she tried to hush up any rumors about her nose, however, courtesy the drastic difference in her appearance, she had to go ahead and accept that she has undergone plastic surgery. Besides her nose job, Ashlee has also done some other touchups to her face as well, especially around her chin, however her nose job still seems the most significant change in her appearance going by her before and after pictures.

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