Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Axl Rose is the lead singer, and only original member, of the hit band Guns N’ Roses. The band has been very popular over the past 20 years and Axl Rose has changed physically a good bit since that time. Right now he is 53 years old and he still looks relatively young, though his choice of hairstyle is a little questionable. The real question is how has he managed to look as young as he does for so long? The logical answer to this question seems to be plastic surgery. He looks especially young around his face, so that would be a reasonable place to start if you wanted to learn about his cosmetic surgeries over the years.

Axl Rose plastic surgery before and after photos

Axl Rose plastic surgery

It would seem that he has a neck lift to help the sagging skin around his neck and cheek area. The problem is as we get older the skin begins to lose elasticity, so obviously age lines and that previously mentioned extra skin will start to show. A neck lift is done by trimming and tightening the areas that have the problem. It is a very common plastic surgery procedure and almost any reputable surgeon could do it. That is just the start of his plastic surgery story.

It would also seem that Axl has a chin job to help compliment the surgery on his neck. When people get a chin job it is usually to tighten the skin around the bottom of the face. It can be used when people are not satisfied with the way that their chin looks. The doctor can go in and change different parts so that it fits the look the person getting the surgery is looking for. It is also a very common procedure. Axl Rose never admitted to having these surgeries the before and after photos tell a different story.

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