Ayesha Takia Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants Pics

Ayesha has been always known for her ‘big’ assests – however, the question is are the real or fake. A couple of years back we also heard that Ayesha is going under the knife to get rid of her large boobs. Does that sound like ‘getting rid of breast implants’ to anyone?

Ayesha Takia Has Breast Implants

Ayesha Takia came into the limelight with Tarzan: The Wonder car in 2004. Previously she had starred alongside Shaid kapoor as the Complan Girl in a popular health drink’s ad campaign. Her brilliant performance in the low-budget film Dor  has brought a lot of appreciation for her talent. She has also been a model and can now also be seen in the role of a television presenter.

ayesha takia plastic surgery before and after

Ayesha Takia Before and after plastic surgery

Ever since Ayesha stepped into B-town’s celebrity kingdom, much has been talked about her hour-glass figure and ‘naturally’ larger breasts. However, reports started flowing in that while Ayesha does sport a bust larger than any other Bollywood actresses, it may not be all that genuine. These reports were aimed at a breast implant controversy.

Ayesha Takia Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants Video – Watch Now !


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Comparing Ayesha’s before and after pics would have you wonder about the same too. In her younger days, Ayesha doesn’t seem to have had the prominent bust – at least not as prominent as they are now. In 2008, media also reported that Takia is getting rid of her large boobs at the Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai. We wonder whether she was visiting the plastic surgeon there to get rid of silicone implants. Whatever be the truth, ther’s something fishy about those much talked about ‘larger than life’ breasts.

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