Barbra Streisand Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Plastic surgeries in Hollywood are not just limited to actors and actresses- in fact everybody in the show business today, including the singers, have taken to cosmetic procedures. The tendency is definitely more prone in case of aging stars. Barbra Streisand is one of those famous Hollywood singers who have gone for cosmetic acts a number of times. The article here discusses about plastic jobs opted by her.

Has Barbra Streisand had plastic surgery?

Barbara Streisand  plastic surgery before after

Streisand is 70+ now but her glowing youthful face definitely denies her mature age. Aging is usually harsh especially in case of women and the singer’s refreshing look even at this age surely testifies to skilled cosmetic procedures. As per the plastic surgeons, Barbra has definitely taken Botox injections. Her face looks free from all prominent aging signs such as wrinkles and crow’s feet. Her smooth forehead is an envy of many stars of her age which is definitely the result of premium Botox injections. Moreover, apart from her forehead, it seems that the singer has injected Botox injections on her cheeks as well.  Her chooks look plumper now which is possibly the result of Sculptra filler.

Then, the plastic surgeons also point out hints of facelift surgery by the singer-star. The completely wrinkle-free appearance even at 70+ is unnatural and only proves a good facelift along with Botox. There is no sign of sagging skin on her face which is impossible without facelift surgery. Moreover, when somebody goes through facelift, the face tends to become stiffened and artificially tight which has been found in case of the singer-celeb.

Now, akin to many of her peers, Streisand has denied any speculations of Botox or facelift surgery. But her refreshing face even at such a mature age has been an open answer sheet to all the discussions surrounding the cosmetic acts taken by her.

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