Beyonce Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Lip reductions, skin whitening, nose job, Boob job – I can almost hear the Beyonce fans screaming…No! But then some of them may be happy with the results too. Beyonce is beautiful and now we know that plastic surgery has helped her with that.

The nose job is pretty evident on that perfectly balanced face. Take a look at her before and after photographs. In her early days, Beyonce had a flat wide nose which was spread out on her face. But now we see that thin pointed nose which makes her so photogenic. Of course, the star denies it but we know otherwise. Take a look at the lips too. Don’t they appear fuller when she was younger?

Experts have confirmed Beyonce’s Rhinoplasty and say that she has narrowed down her nose plus refined the tip. It is also believed that after going under the knife for the first time in 2003-2004, she has had regular nose surgery’s to maintain her look.

Beyonce plastic surgery Beyonce before and after photo

Beyonce plastic surgery photo

The next rumor is about her breast augmentation. Experts say that the larger breasts cannot be due to weight-gain, because the shape and curves look very unnatural. We agree too! After this comes the skin whitening treatment. This particular procedure has been made quite famous by the King of pop-Micheal Jackson himself. But, thankfully Beyonce hasn’t gone to those extremes to look completely unrecognizable. Now, some of you may argue that it could be the result of clever makeup. Well, not to that extent!

There have also been rumors about Beyonce’s flat tummy without any imperfections. We, like every celeb plastic surgery watchdog, suspect liposuction which got rid of those little fold and lumps on her belly.

All these may be true, but here’s one we cannot easily agree to – Botox. Honestly, Beyonce isn’t that old and her youthful skin can easily be the result of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

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