Billy Crystal Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

With plastic surgery the elder man or woman can get back the young look if the surgery is done successfully. Billy Crystal is 65 years of age has gone in for many cosmetic procedures which are visible from his before and after pictures.

Has Billy Crystal had Plastic Surgery?

Billy Crystal-plastic-surgery

His forehead is devoid of wrinkles and his skin looks smooth than before. His eyes also look wide. In all probability facelift procedure and Botox treatment seem inevitable. A neck lift might also have been done. Dr. Terry Dubrow believes that the cosmetic procedure has been successful and he looks much better. Other than the usual plastic surgery procedures other cosmetic procedures such as grafting might have been done. More so it might be so that natural regime and natural ageing has turned his looks for a weight gain can make people look different and that might be the case for him. Coupled with plastic surgery procedures, natural process might have also played its parts.

Does Bortox treatment makes Billy Crystal look Younger?

Some filler injections have also been used for the reduction of fat. Owing to the fullness of his face the region of the neck had to be in proper shape so his neck has also been lifted. Even the plastic surgeons can make out his procedures of surgery along with his graceful ageing. His previous and current pictures have got mixed reactions from the people and his fans as some have liked his new appearance while others have not. It depends on him whether he is satisfied with his looks or not. If it was his decision to make himself look younger he might have achieved little part in that but some lines of sagging are still evident. Therefore, it is not a total makeover for him. It is just the increase of weight that has led people to speculate.

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