Blake Lively Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job and Breast Implants

Blake Lively is one of those few fortunate Hollywood starlets who got plastic surgery right, the first time itself. She went under the knife at a very early age of 20 and had her reasons too – an ugly nose that was a blemish on an otherwise charming face. With the right kind of plastic surgery help and by not overdoing it, Blake now flaunts a perfect nose that compliments her face.

Has Blake Lively Had a Nose Job and Breast Implants ?

Blake made her presence felt in Hollywood with a girl-next-door look in the movie ‘The sisterhood of the travelling pants’. But she gained much more fame with her role in the book based drama series ‘Gossip Girls’. Blake character in the TV show made her a household name and a favorite among the young adults. Lots of young girls look up to Blake and she has managed to keep the reputation healthy. What is most appreciable is how she stayed within the limits and got away from plastic surgery addiction. She also admitted to have undergone a nose surgery, unlike most other stars. We like the fact that she does not have anything to hide and be ashamed off. Thanks to her decision to not cross the line, Blake is now one of the most admired pretty faces on screen.

Blake Lively Plastic Surgery, Blake Lively before and after photo

Blake Lively Plastic Surgery Nose, Lips

Apart from her nose job, rumors have also been circulating about a possible breast augmentation process. Celebrity watchers suspect breast implants have been used to bring a considerable change to Blake’s bust size. But all of these speculations are based on photo comparisons. We think that this could be the result of weight gain or a healthy lifestyle with proper workout routines and diets.

Blake Lively Plastic Surgery Video – Watch Now!!

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Whatever be the reasons, let’s be happy for Blake because she looks prettier than ever before and plastic surgery seems to have been a boon in her case.

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