Bob Costas Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Usually he’s the one who gives us news. But now for a change Bob Costas is “in” the news – plastic surgery news to be precise. Like all other senior celebrities, 62 year old sportscaster Bob Costas is suspected of ant-aging cosmetic procedures like Botox and facelifts.

Bob Costas is the sportscaster for NBC sports television since the 80s. He has been the prime-time host for 9 Olympic Games and does play-by-play for MLB network. Costas is also the host for Studio 42 with Bob Costas, an interview show.

Has Bob Costas had plastic surgery ?

Don Ohlmeyer, a former sports division head at NBC network told a newly hired 28 year old Bob Costas that he looked like a 14 year old. Costas recalled this incident during an appearance on the show Late Night with Conan O’Brien, when O’Brien commented on his body’s refusal to “age” normally. Ohlmeyer may have been referring to Costas 5’7” height and boyish looks. Looks like Costas decided to keep his babyface past his 60th birthday. But ain’t that easy, right. So probably, minor plastic surgery details came to the rescue.

Bob Costas plastic surgery before and after photo

Bob Costas Before and After Plastic surgery

Bob Costas is only suspected of Botox injections and a facelift. And we can see where this came from. Of course he is getting old, but he is still on TV. And cameras don’t like wrinkly saggy skin, especially prime-time television. So , the Botox was to ease out those wrinkles and were apparently not enough. So Bob went ahead and had his face tightened further with facelift surgery.

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The results? Insignificant, but fabulous. Bob’s face has definitely seen rougher days, but not now. Wrinkles are much lesser on his forehead and under eyes. Also the sagging has reduced, but not to a level where it has left him expressionless. Thankfully, Bob seems to have had a great idea of what he is doing to his face and decided to do minimal damage. Good job!

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