Brandi Passante Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Brandi Passante is famous from the hit TV show on A&E titled Storage Wars. She can often be seen going from storage unit to storage unit with her husband Jared. One of the things that everyone notices about Brandi is how beautiful she is. When you look at her on the show you can tell that she has a beautiful face and an excellent body, but is this all natural? Is it possible that she could be using their storage unit money to buy herself some nice new plastic surgery procedures? Whether she actually did or did not get these surgeries is up in the air, however the before and after photos tell a story. Take a look at the photos and decide for yourself.

Brandi Passante Plastic Surgery before and after pohotos

Brandi Passante Plastic Surgery

The first rumored surgery is a boob job. You can tell between the early seasons of the show and now that her boobs have gotten significantly bigger. Whenever a woman like Brandi makes it big and wants to boost her sex appeal it would only make sense for her to get a boob job. The good news is since it is such a common surgery that there is nothing to worry about safety wise. Many doctors have done hundreds, if not thousands of these procedures in the past. It is pretty interesting to see the way people reacted when they thought that she might have had work done in this area.

Many other seem to think that she had Botox Injections to keep her face looking young and smooth. She is not that old, but still old enough for wrinkles and lines to start showing up around her eyes and mouth. The odds are she received some Botox injections in the past for multiple reasons. The evidence for this lies in the elegance of her face. You can see that her face looks almost flawless, which in slightly older women is a sign of plastic surgery.

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