Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo, Pic of Face-lifts and Nose Job

‘Is Bruce Jenner trying to become a woman’ – reads one gossip-blog headline, after the Kardashian step-father was spotted coming out of a plastic surgeons clinic with a bandaged throat, which was the result of a surgery to reduce his Adam’s apple!

64 year old William Bruce Jenner is a former American track and field athlete, who holds an Olympic gold in Decathlon. He is also a motivational speaker, television personality and businessman. After coming into the limelight with his Olympic victory in 1976, Bruce became a regular on many made-for TV movies and series like CHiPs. The fame was further fueled by his 2007 debut in the popular reality show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’. But he is ‘better’ known for his plastic surgery experiments – Even Wikepedia confirms that!

bruce jenner before and after

Bruce Jenner before and after plastic surgery

With fame comes criticism and gossips and it’s not like Bruce Jenner is bothered about the rumors. He manages to come out with a new look regularly – keeping the media interested consistently. The downside of this fame and all the beauty enhancements is that Bruce has lost a majority of his masculine features to plastic surgery. Facelifts and nose jobs are the usual suspects. Wrinkle free tight facial skin has almost given him feminine looks. And now with a smaller Adam’s apple, we can easily imagine the transformation.

Bruce Jenner has openly admitted to plastic surgery and has disclosed that he has been undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures since his 30s. Comparisons of his Before and After photos bring out one of the most remarkable celebrity plastic surgery transformations. Bruce Jenner famously stated in an interview that if someone searched his name on Google then they will find that his surgery is being compared to Michael Jackson. We get it Bruce; You regret it now, don’t you?

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