Craig Horwood Plastic Surgery Procedures

Craig Horwood is a cohost of the hit UK show Strictly Come Dancing, along with Darcey Bussel. He is often known for his edgy attitude and brutal honesty, even when it comes to talking about himself. Horwood recently admitted that he had to get at least plastic surgery procedures done so that he could feel […]

Rakhi Sawant Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Rakhi Sawant is one talented lady. She is from India, and wears many different hats. She is a politician, actress, talk show host, and more. It is pretty astounding to see all of the different things she has done in her career and how it has impacted her in one way or another. She is […]

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Julie Chen is a 45 year old TV anchor on CBS news. If you took a look at her you would never guess that she was 45 years old. Julie looks extraordinarly beautiful for her age, and a lot of people have noticed. As time goes on it seems like she is going to be […]

Ellen DeGeneres Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Ellen DeGeneres is a 57 year old TV show host and actress who has been all over the film and TV industry. Even though she is getting close to her sixtieth birthday, you would never guess it if you looked at her. She looks like she could easily be in her late thirties or early […]