Caitlyn Jenner Plastic Surgery Procedures : The Consequences

At this point everyone is well aware of Caitlyn Jenner, formally Bruce Jenner, and her decision to live her life as a female after 60 plus years of physically being a man.  She stated that the reason she made such a drastic transformation was in part due to the fact that she has always felt […]

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Julie Chen is a 45 year old TV anchor on CBS news. If you took a look at her you would never guess that she was 45 years old. Julie looks extraordinarly beautiful for her age, and a lot of people have noticed. As time goes on it seems like she is going to be […]

Bill O’ Reilly Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Bill O’ Reilly is a political commentator famous for his show on Fox News. There has been a large number of situations that have left people confused on how to feel about Bill. First of all he is known for interrupting his guests, particularly if they do not agree with what he has to say. […]

Avril Lavigne Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Avril Lavigne is a punk rock princess who stunned many guys around the world when she started making music in her younger years. She had a special place in the hearts of teen boys around the world, and although she is only 30 years old now not much has changed. She is still just as […]