Plastic Surgery and Body Dysmorphia

Body Dysmorphia Disorder is a very bizarre and rare condition that has a slew of effects on the person with the illness. It is considered as a mental disorder under the classification of obsessive compulsive. Essentially the way it works is when someone is suffering from Body Dysmorphia they see a distorted version of themselves that no […]

Craig Horwood Plastic Surgery Procedures

Craig Horwood is a cohost of the hit UK show Strictly Come Dancing, along with Darcey Bussel. He is often known for his edgy attitude and brutal honesty, even when it comes to talking about himself. Horwood recently admitted that he had to get at least plastic surgery procedures done so that he could feel […]

Lower Body Lift: Plastic Surgery Q & A

Have you or anyone you know ever contemplated getting a lower body lift procedure? This type of plastic surgery used to be fairly uncommon at 207 total procedures done a year in 2000. Since the initial conception of the idea that number of procedures a year has exploded in a way that almost seems unimaginable. […]