Top 10 Youngest Plastic Surgery Celebrities

All over the world plastic surgery is becoming a common occurrence.  It is actually more challenging to find a celebrity who has not had work done than it is to find someone who has. There are a couple of reasons it is becoming increasingly popular. First of all it is become less invasive, meaning the […]

Top 10 Countries for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a very common procedure. Over the course of the past 50 years it has managed to spread worldwide. There are some countries that are more found of it than others. The reason that they are so attracted to this procedure varies. On that note, here are the top 10 countries for plastic […]

Bollywood Celebrities Who Should Consider Plastic Surgery

Bollywood is slowly picking up the pace and turning plastic, much like Hollywood and the South Korean glamour industry. But thankfully, we have lesser plastic surgery disasters in the sub-continent, comparatively. When you look at it on a positive note, plastic surgery is not all that bad. You just need to know the limits and […]

List of Celebrities Whose Nose Job Gone Wrong

Rhinoplasty is probably is most popular among plastic surgery procedures – especially among the well –known people in our society – I mean the celebrities. Almost every celebrity has given it a try. It is almost like if you don’t get your nose re-shaped, you cannot survive in the glamour industry. For some of them, […]