List of Celebrities Who Had Worst Lip Job

You must have heard of the trout pout and you know it’s not a good sight. Celebrities who have gone overboard with their lip filler addiction are sure to sport a swelled up distorted lips. Bee-stung looks are okay, but when your lips look like they are going to blowing up – you have reason to be concerned. Most celebrities are open about their lip plumping jobs – however, some of these ladies have a reason to not comment on it. They need not either – the horribly gone wrong job is out there for everyone to see. Celebrities like their fake pouty lips, but not everyone can be a Angelina Jolie. In an attempt to achieve the Jolie lips, most of these unfortunate stars have grotesquely deformed their natural looks. Take it slow on the lip injections ladies! Here are the top celebrity lip job disasters.

List of Celebrities Having Bad Lip Job

Jessica Simpson

worst celebrity lip job, Jessica Simpson bad lip job

Jessica has had better days – well, that’s not today or anywhere in the recent past. To be exact, it was before she decided to go ahead and change herself into a plastic surgery specimen. Though the celbrity denied all the other plastic surgery rumors, she did admit to have plumped up her lips with fillers. “I had Restylane stuff” – she revealed. How much of it is our question. By the looks of it, a little too much!

Koena Mitra

worst celebrity lip job, Koena mitra bad lip job        

If you thought that only Hollywood celebrities are stupid enough to subject themselves to bad plastic surgery, here’s a contribution from Bollywood. Koena basked in the lime light for a bad nose job. But apparently not satisfied with her not-so-good looks, she went on to screw up her lips too.

Shazahn Padamsee

worst celebrity lip job,Shazahn Padamsee bad lip job

More Bollywood! Somehow, the bee-stung lips are not working for Shazahn. Instead they look weirdly curved – reminds me of the Joker from Batman. Hope you learned your lesson, Shazahn. Go easy on the lip injection from now.

Nikki Cox

worst celebrity lip job, Nikki Cox bad lip job

Oh God! What’s that on your face Nikki? Looks like that upper lip is going to bust anytime. It is no secret that Nikki Cox has had plastic surgery – a lot of it in fact, transforming her from that once gorgeous star to a plastic doll face with exaggerated features. Hope she is done with the filler addiction, or her lips are going to cover up the rest of her face soon enough.

Donnatella Versace

worst celebrity lip job, Donnatella Versace bad lip job

Should we even talk about this? Everyone knows that the Italian fashion designer is a complete plastic surgery disaster. It is almost impossible to imagine Donatella in her natural looks – mostly, because there aren’t a lot of photographs that show us a natural look. She has always been weird and is trying to get weirder as time progresses.

Lara Flynn Boyle

worst celebrity lip job, Lara Flynn Boyle bad lip job

Yes, she is unrecognizable – thanks to all that plastic surgery craze blown out of proportion. Lip augmentation is just one among the unfortunate things that happened to Lara, but a significant one. Those lips are just too fake and gross! It isn’t even a pout – just some curled up flesh!

Lindsay Lohan

worst celebrity lip job, Lindsay Lohan bad lip job

When we consider all the other problems that she has been in, a lip job may sound the least disturbing. But look at her pix – Lindsay looks like an old woman. We have to agree that numerous lip filler injections have helped in destroying her cute girl looks.

Brittany Murphy

worst celebrity lip job,Brittany Murphy bad lip job

Brittany is one of the most talked about plastic surgery disasters in the celebrity world. I mean, you have to agree that she looked very pretty with her natural face. Why would someone want to destroy such good looks with fake plastic enhancements? Her pout looks like a sad face now!

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