Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Chelsea Clinton is one of the finest examples of great plastic surgeries. Bill Clinton’s daughter was not exactly beautiful earlier but she came up just like a beauty out of a fairy tale book, just before her wedding. As per the market reports, the star news correspondent has taken to a number of plastic surgeries to attain the glamorous self that she so happily flaunts today.

Did Chelsea Clinton get Plastic Surgery?

chelsea clinton plastic surgery pics

First of all, the younger Clinton seems to have taken to rhinoplasty. If you look at her earlier pictures, you will find her a bigger and rounder nose. But now look at her and you will see a much refined and narrower nasal area. The nostrils have got smaller and the nose tip looks elevated and sharper. The nose bridge also seems to have undergone some good transformation.

Then, Chelsea has taken to chin implants as well. Her earlier pictures show her with a broader and flabby chin. But now take a glance at her latest snaps and you will definitely observe the stark differences. Chelsea’s chin looks more refined and trimmer now – the result is a happier and more confident junior Clinton.

Besides, Chelsea Clinton has also opted for lip augmentation procedure. If you compare her old and latest pictures you will find her with more luscious lips now. Her lips are more attractive and glamorous than before which cannot be attained naturally. Most possibly she has taken to Juvederm and Restylane injects to ensure that desired fuller look.

It must be stressed here that Chelsea has been really cautious while choosing her plastic surgeons. The entire cosmetic works taken by her has befitted her perfectly making her smarter and more beautiful than before. She has certainly not committed the very mistake of going overboard with plastic surgeries which is quite usual with many younger-genre stars today.

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