Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

American singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera has been under the Plastic surgery rumor scanner recently as she lost her pregnancy pounds instantly after giving birth to get back her pre-pregnancy body. There is high possibility of good diet and exercise to be the reason for this swift change. But there are always reasons for cosmetic surgery speculations.

So what sparked the rumors? Christina dropped about 40 pounds right soon after she delivered her baby. Rumors point towards a possible Liposuction help with the immediate weight loss. The major suspects are Smartlipo, Vaser LipoSelection, or CoolLipo She might have also used Velasmooth to remove the post-pregnancy cellulite.

Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery Christina Aguilera Before and After Photo

Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery Photo

Another rumor that has been fired up is about a possible Breast implant surgery. Christina Aguilera has been sporting a considerably large rounded bust in the past. Recently, her breasts seem to have shrunk in size. This is believed to have happened because she had surgery to remove the large implants and replaced them with a smaller pair. According to experts, the reason could also be breast feeding or weight loss.

The rumors do not stop there, but goes on with a Rhinoplasty and lip augmentation possibility. Both of these procedures are commonly used by celebrities in the entertainment industry to keep up with the ‘glamour’ requirements and we believe Christina is no different. However, the beautiful singer has only moved a step higher in the beauty department, especially after the birth of her son. Hope she is happy with her new body and face.

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