Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Christina Hendricks is an actress who has been in the business for quite a few years. Her most famous role to date is on the AMC show Mad Men, where she has made a big impact on how the show received reception over the past couple of years. When you look at Christina you can see that she is a very beautiful woman. She put a lot of work into her appearance and she shows it off with class. Believe it or not she is actually 40 years old, something no one would ever guess by her pictures. There is a ton of speculation on how Hendricks has kept her good looks up for so long, and besides make up the only real answer seems to be plastic surgery.

Christina Hendrcks plastic surgery before and after photos

Christina Hendrcks plastic surgery

The obvious surgery that anyone who is a fan of her work will point out is her breast augmentation. You can see in her before and after pictures that her breasts were always decent sized, but after the surgery they are now out of this world big. You would be hard pressed to find a woman with breasts that are that big naturally, and since she didn’t have them before the odds are a surgeon did them for her. Getting a breast augmentation is very common when you work in show business, and the proof of their success is evident in some of the biggest stars.

Besides her boob job she also seems to have had a lip job to make her lips appear more full and lush. Some people are not satisfied with the way that their lips look, so they visit a surgeon and get a lip job to craft them to perfection. Even though Christina Hendricks plastic surgery accusations are running wild you can bet that we will be seeing a lot more of her in TV and movies for years to come.