Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

American supermodel Cindy Crawford has been accused of using plastic surgery to keep her young glowing skin intact, even at the age of 47. The bigger news is that Cindy admitted to having undergone Botox procedures and also said that she would not describe Botox as Plastic surgery. According to her, Botox is a minor procedure of going under the needle. And we do agree.

Unlike most other celebrities, who would deny plastic surgery rumors in spite of visible signs, Cindy Crawford has shown the courage to come out clean and also does not believe that she has committed a beauty crime. Popular for her trademark mole just above her lips, Cindy has graced hundreds of magazine covers in her successful career. It is only natural that she would want to keep her skin at par with her popularity.

Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery Cindy Crawford Before and after photo

Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery Photo

The good thing is that the Botox seems to have worked for her, unlike in the case of a few celebrity victims of Botox overdose. She also seems to have avoided any other kind of surgery to maintain her beauty. Her facial features are well balanced and her skin is glowing and tight. She hasn’t changed much from her younger years as she approaches the 50 year mark.

The Botox has smoothened out Cindy Crawford’s skin and removed all the age related signs like wrinkles, sagging etc. In fact her eyebrows seem to be arched up. To get that effect from Botox is extremely impressive. We hope Cindy will continue to be naturally beautiful and stay away from artificial beauty enhancers – other than Botox, of course.

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