Claudia Lynx Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Claudia Lynx is a model who was born in Iran. Her gorgeous looks have scored her photos in many magazines and websites. She has also done a number of individual photo shoots for people around the world. It does not come as a surprise that everyone loves her modelling; her photos speak volumes for her as a person and a model. If you had to guess how old she is you might say mid-twenties, if so you would be very wrong. Claudia Lynx is actually 33 years old, and is still as beautiful as the day she got into the business, if not even more beautiful.

Claudia Lynx plastic surgery before and after photos

Claudia Lynx plastic surgery

So you might be curious as to how she kept her youthful appearance even though she is 33, which by the way is not old, but the signs of aging should be showing up at least a little bit. The answer, besides her amazing genetics, is plastic surgery. You can see that she had a cheek augmentation to help keep her face looking flawless. Normally age marks begin to show up around the cheeks, which can be troublesome for someone who is a model. The obvious solution for Claudia Lynx was to get a cheek augmentation, and it worked wonders.

The other surgery that she clearly had, as evidenced by her before and after photos, is a lip job. You can see in her older photos her lips were not as thick and flawless as they are now. Since it is well past her thirtieth birthday you would think that she would start to get fine lines around her lips, but this is not the case. Instead it looks like she was made for being in front of the camera, and the lip job only goes to emphasize this point. Regardless of who she models for next, you can expect to see her photos showing up in a magazine or online spread very soon.