Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

“I had operative surgery on my jaw for a TMJ thing and I had them suck the fat out of my chin while they were in there,” – That is Clay Aiken admitting to have undergone a plastic surgery procedure on an American Talk Show. The 34 year old singer did not reveal when he went under the knife though. The American idol 2 runner-up in 2003 had it pretty evident on his face during his appearance at Celebrity Apprentice show in January 2012. A TMJ thing? – Whatever you say Clay!

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Mr. Aiken seems to have come a long way from his American idol days and a little bit of beauty enhancements are alright for a celebrity. His jaw is definitely more rounded and balances out his face. The Lipo seems to have taken away that double chin he had prior to the cosmetic procedure. The good thing is that he hasn’t taken drastic decisions that would have made him unrecognizable.

Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery Clay Aiken Before and After Photo

Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery Photo

But on closer inspection, we find something different with his nose too – Looks like he had to get a nose job done to complement his brand new jaw. The long faced North Carolina boy has gone all Hollywood glam, but the best part is that he admitted to have undergone plastic surgery – not something many celebrities would be proud to share with their fans.

After looking at his pictures, some of you might be speculating his age to be at play here. But really – Does age change the shape of your nose and lift up your eyebrows? Looks like Clay has a lot more to confess about.

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