Conan O’Brien Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Harvard graduate Conan O’Brien has lived a long life full of plenty of exciting experiences. The 51 year old had the honors of writing for Saturday Night Live and the Simpsons before he ended up landing his job as the host of Late Night on NBC. Since his departure he has went on to do plenty of exciting things such as hosting comedy tours and big name events such as the Emmys. You would think that someone who is over 50 and has been that active would look pretty aged, right? Well Conan O’Brien proves with the power of plastic surgery you can still look young no matter how old you are.

While the nature of his plastic surgeries have never been specified, if you look at his before and after photos a couple of surgeries come to mind. It is obvious that O’Brien decided to get a facelift or two in the tenure of his career. The pictures show that his face is tighter and wrinkle free more than ever. The reason behind this is that when someone gets a facelift it fills in the little lines that people accumulate as they age. It would not be surprising the find that he went under the knife for this procedure more than once.

Conan O'Brien Plastic Surgery before and after

Conan O’Brien Plastic Surgery

Another surgery that seems pretty obvious is a neck lift. If you look around the sides of his neck you can see that they are still tight and flush with his face. It is not typical to see someone who is over 50 with this trait unless they decided to get a neck lift. One thing is for sure, knowing his career and how active he is he does not seem to be going anywhere any time soon. He will likely use the power of plastic surgery to keep his youthful appearance long after his prime.

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