Connie Francis Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Connie Francis is a singer who was famous for her top chart songs in the 1950’s and 60’s. Even though, her songs started falling short in the last couple years of the 60’s she was still a big hit in concerts. If you look at before and after photos of her between then and now, it is shocking to see. It looks like Connie Francis had quite a few cosmetic surgeries throughout the years.

It should not be a surprise that she opted for surgery. Connie Francis is 75, so she would obviously want to try and keep her good looks for as long as she could. Throughout her 50’s she still looked amazing; it is in these recent years that the adverse effects of her years of plastic surgery is showing. There are some surgeries that may seem obvious if you look at some of her more recent photos.

Connie Francis plastic surgery before and after

Connie Francis plastic surgery

A facelift is the first thing that comes to mind when you are examining her picture. It looks like Connie Francis decided to get another facelift before the previous ones wore down. They seem to stack on top of one another and give her face a puffy, plastic-like look. This situation could have been avoided if she had fewer surgeries, less often.

Besides that, it looks like Connie Francis had quite a few neck lifts throughout the years. When you get older, the skin around your neck tends to sag and pull down as elasticity of your skin decreases. A neck lift could solve this problem. Even though, she is almost 80 years old her neck still looks like that of a woman in her 40’s or 50’s. When you put these two things together, you can see proof that plastic surgery can be a good thing; just keep moderation in mind when you decide what you want to get done.

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