Courteney Cox Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox

Yes, the sweet old Monica from ‘Friends’ – she has got plastic surgery too. In fact she even stated in an interview that “we have to use it (plastic surgery) sparingly” to keep up with the glamour industry’s demands and keep age at bay.

Has Courteney Cox had Botox ?

The almost 50 year old American actress is unbelievably young and attractive for a woman her age. And it is this very good news that has had plastic surgery news circulation around Miss Cox. Furthermore, before and after photo comparison reveals that her wrinkles and saggy skin has vanished just like that. Her face also looks shinier and healthier – certainly the work of Botox, what else? Coming down from the face, the breasts have got their share of make-over too – no loose skin, but perfectly shaped firm boobs. A littke too firm for a 49 year old.

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Courteney Cox before and after plastic surgery

However, experts beg to differ on this case. Popular plastic surgeon, Dr Young has rubbished all the rumors and says that Courteney’s looks seem quite natural. He suggests that she takes great care of her figure and leads a healthy lifestyle to stay youthful at this age too. Despite these expert opinions, it’s hard to believe that Coutney Cox hasn’t gone under the beauty knife.

Of course, she may not have gone for the extreme case, but at least Botox is evident. And guess what, the actress herself has admitted to her use of Botox. She has also taken several other fillers on her cheeks and lips. She also admitted to laser treatments and her fans are happy for her honesty. We agree too, as long as Courteney manages to stay within the limits and use plastic surgery for its benefits only.

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