Dana Delany Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Many celebrities swear about their ageing just to escape the eyes of media for opting to go for plastic surgery procedure. To get rid of sagging skin, frown lines and wrinkles from the face celebrities go in for plastic surgery. Dana Delany has also done the same.

Dana Delany did go in for Botox injections which did go wrong. But she came out in the open and stated that seven years before when she went in for anti wrinkle treatment she had to go through a horrifying experience. Her eye had become droopy due to the mishap. It was only because of the recommendation by her dermatologist that she tried going in for Botox. The surgery occurred on her right eye which was left droopy as the needle was struck in one of the nerve. Instead the needle went in to her forehead as well and caused disease. Her face still appears to be droopy after the incident. But according to her she notices it more than anyone else because the injury was definitely caused on her face.

Dana Delany Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Dana Delany Plastic Surgery

She misses her symmetrical face which she does not have any longer. But she reveals that mistakes are a part of human life and it was a mistake on the doctor’s part. She did not go in again to rectify her distorted shape as the doctor would not own it up on his part. She never felt the urge after the incident to go in for any plastic surgery procedures thereafter. More than that she acknowledges those actors who age gracefully and also pays tribute to them. She does not even try to dye her hair because of the horrific experience and mistake that can be part of anybody’s life. She does look stunning even after not going in for plastic surgery.

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