Danielle Jonas Nose Job Before And After Photos

Danielle Deleasa, now Jonas along with husband Kevin Jonas has been in news of late since they have welcomed their daughter in the month of February. Nevertheless one thing Danielle has been under public scrutiny for is her new nose, which well going by her before and after pictures, is quite different.

Did Danielle Jonas have a nose job?

Danielle Jonas Nose Job Before After

Hers seems like to be the epitome example of a bad nose job and is literally dropping from her face, giving it the appearance that it is melting. Seems like husband Kevin Jonas literally cannot keep his eyes or rather lips off her, bringing them both under the limelight, however, a series of rumors have triggered courtesy her nose, and critics are wondering whether she has opted to go under the blade to her the new nose. Danielle wasn’t ever what you call a beautiful lady, and the rhinoplasty hasn’t done her any major good either. Sure Kevin has broken a lot of hearts marrying her, nevertheless, her new appearance has kind of triggered the question that is her new nose the outcome of a rhinoplasty or not.

One noticeable thing about Danielle is that she is of late shying away from being captured, which might be courtesy the  her new protruding nose, which obviously is the outcome of a plastic surgery gone extremely long. Her side profile is showing the new nose of a little too prominently, in each and every picture she has been caught with husband Kevin. Her new nose looks bulbous at the tip and narrow at the bridge which gives it the protruding appeal. And frankly, it is anything but aesthetic. Hers have been called one of the worst plastic surgeries of all times and well she should absolutely sue the plastic surgeon to have given her the case of the bad nose.

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