Darcey Bussell Nose Job Before And After Photos

Darcey Andrea Bussell sure makes a mark on the dance floor, however this English Ballerina also came under the limelight for a whole new reason altogether, i.e. her little venture at the plastic surgeon’s office. If a close look is taken at her before and after pictures, there is a striking difference between her appearances, especially her nose. Now, plastic surgery as a phenomenon is quite popular among celebs all over the globe, however, the only problem is that few celebs fail to draw a line where they should and end up looking drastically different.

Has Darcey Bussell had a nose job?

Darcy bussell nose job

Her older pictures reveal a much smaller nose with a blunt tip, however her recent pictures reveal a drastically different nose with a much narrower and raised tip, which is giving her face sharper appeal. The bridge of her nose has also been raised to give her the overall appeal of a sharper nose. Pretty much like most celebs, Bussell doesn’t like to talk much about her rhinoplasty, however going by her before and after pictures, this isn’t something than can be hidden!  Now at forty five, the English Ballerina seems to have gone under the blade quite a number of times; however the rhinoplasty is the most evident change in her facial features.

The Rhinoplasty has done her some real good, as the ballerina is looking quite stunning post the surgery. Her face is looking much youthful and a tad bit sharper courtesy the rhinoplasty. Sure the ballerina has always had a graceful face, nevertheless before the surgery; her appearance was a tad too blunt because of her nose. Now besides her perfect moves on the dance floor, Bussell is also sporting a new nose which is going perfectly well with her face. Although there has been some speculations as to whether or not the change is because of makeup of surgery, however a change as drastic as this can only be the outcome of going under the blade.

Darcey isn’t the only host of Strictly Come Dancing to have surgery. Craig Horwood has also gone under the knife.

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  1. where is the ‘before’ photo????

  2. I think that is the before photo… But there isn’t an after one.?

  3. Thomas allan says:

    What a beautiful woman

  4. Darcey was naturally beautiful before. OMG now she looks like Miss Piggy! So sad!! …. 🙁

  5. I always thought she had a miss piggy nose so obvious after botched surgery

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