Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Before and After

Daryl Christine Hannah has had quite a few successes in her career as a Hollywood actress – Blade Runner, Wall street, Steel Magnolias and Kill Bill brought her to the limelight. The same cannot be held true for her plastic surgery endeavors. There are no success stories regarding these, rather all them were horrible disasters.

Has Daryl Hannah had plastic surgery ?

The Kill Bill star decided to go under the knife in an attempt to tackle her quickly aging skin. However, none of the anti-ageing procedures did not meet her expectations – worse, they had a negative effect on her appearance. Too much of fillers and Botox has effectively bloated out her face. This did manage to smooth out her wrinkles, however, also left her with a tight stretched out facial skin. Her features are swelled up to a level where you can barely recognize her face.

Daryl Hannah before and after photo

Daryl Hannah before and after plastic surgery

Though Daryl has never spoken in public about her plastic surgery disaster, we can easily detect the use of Botox on her forehead, chin and cheeks. The forehead does look smooth and balanced, but the cheeks were pumped up a little too much, leaving her unrecognizable. She has also had an eyelift.

Her fans are clearly not happy with the changes and are of the opinion that she would have looked beautiful if she aged naturally. Experts say that Daryl had the right surgeries to combat age, but an overdose of fillers resulted in this disaster.

We hope, she has learnt from her mistake and would stay away from the Botox for now.

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