Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery Before and After Ugly Photo

Designer Donatella Versace is a fine example of plastic surgery gone horribly wrong. Every experiment Donna had with cosmetic surgery procedures seems to have backfired and made here look more ugly. She had ended up one of the worst victims of artificial beauty enhancement. What went wrong? – could have been the surgeon or it could have also been unnecessary procedures.

Did Donatella Versace have Plastic Surgery ?

Majorly, Donatella has undergone a nose job, lip augmentation, facelifts and regular Botox. The facelift and Botox maybe an attempt to restore whatever beauty she has lost and also to rein in the wrinkles and sagging skin. The lip augmentation seems to have done maximum damage and has in fact frozen a smirk on her face. The lips and Botox combined,  gives Donatella a highly plastic look.

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery Donatella Versace Before and after photo

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery photo

The nose job may not have been intended for a wider nose with a bigger tip. But that is exactly what she has ended up with. Now her nose looks too large for her face, only to be accompanied by the large pout her lips have become. Plastics surgeons also agree that the nose job is the worst part, if not for the large pouty lips.

The plum overdone lips are most likely the result of an overdose of filler injections. Also her upper lip and lower lip does not look balanced, with the former being a lot larger than the latter. The lip augmentation attempt has pasted a wide weird permanent smile on her face.

Thankfully the Botox and facelift does not seem to have wrecked more havoc. Donatella may have intended to look younger with the nose and lip jobs too. But instead it has backfired and added more age to her face than how old she really is.

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