Donnie Wahlberg Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Donnie Wahlberg is one of the famous Wahlberg brothers. He is most famous for his role in the rap group New Kids on the Block, his acting skills, and his almost unhuman like good looks. Wahlberg is, in fact, one of the most handsome men in the universe, but are his good looks all natural, or was there some cosmetic surgery involved to get him where he is today? That is a big question that people debate to this day.

Donnie Wahlberg Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Donnie Wahlberg Plastic Surgery

A major plastic surgery that fans and critics alike believe he went through is getting a facelift. There are a few different reasons for this theory. The first thought is his face is very tight for someone who is in the middle of their forties. If you examine the before and after photos you can tell that something is different, Wahlbergs face seems to be getting younger with age as opposed to the other way around. People also like pointing out that he could have had a facelift because of the way his wrinkles seem to fade away, he had them pretty bad around his lips and eyes, but they are clearing up now. We all know this does not happen naturally.

The presence of a facelift also means that he could decide that he should get Botox injections to keep up with his handsome features. That would explain how full his face has looked in the most recent years. Botox injections would make a perfect choice for someone who is so well known. The procedure is discreet and proves time and time again that it works to help people keep a youthful appearance. But did Donnie Wahlberg receive these plastic surgeries, or is he that handsome at 45. The before and after photos seem to point towards plastic surgery, either way he is admired by millions for his achievements on and off screen.

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