Duchess of Alba Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo, Picture

Spain’s 18th Duchess of Alba has had a plastic surgery disaster wild enough to compete with the queen of bad plastic surgery, Cat-woman. ‘Doña María del Rosario Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart y Silva, 18th Duchess of Alba de Tormes, Grandee of Spain’, sure has a long title to catch enough attention. Her abusive relationship with cosmetic surgery is however, a longer story.

The 87 year old is the current head of Spain’s house of Alba and is an only child of the 17th Duke of Alba, who was a prominent politician and diplomat. The Duchess enjoys more than 40 names to her credit and even holds a record for it. She was married thrice and is a mother of six. With an estimated wealth of €600 million to €3.5 billion, it is no surprise if the Duchess decided to splurge her money on artificial beauty enhancements. But then, money can’t buy everything – proof? Take a look at her before and after photos.

Duchess of Alba before and after photo

Duchess of Alba before and after plastic surgery photos

On the star list of famous plastic surgery disasters, the Duchess of Alba is a permanent resident at the top spots. Often referred to as a ‘beauty’ in her younger years, her current face would however shock you – all for an unchecked addiction for plastic surgery. The Duchess decided to fight her natural ageing process with fierce corrective surgeries, facelifts, Botox and other cosmetic procedures. But too much of anything is bound to end up in a disaster. The results are overwhelming as you can see. Multiple nose jobs and fat injections to her face is also being suspected – not that she tries to hide it though. Lip fillers have given her a cartoonist appearance too.

Just when we thought Catwoman was the ultimate plastic surgery disaster, a Duchess comes along to prove us wrong. Hopefully, no one else will try to compete in this freak show.

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