Elsa Patton Plastic Surgery Before and After Face and Nose Job

Elsa Patton’s plastic surgery obsession was a complete disaster package right from the beginning. The 70 year old had one too many plastic surgery procedures and is now her face is beyond repair. The once pretty Hollywood star with Cuban roots could have aged gracefully. But she turned the wrong way and ended up in an unexpectedly horrible place. The only good thing is that Elsa admits to her mistake and seems to be handling the unfavorable situation well.

Has Elsa Patton Had Plastic Surgery ?

What happened to Elsa Pattron face ? What mostly ruined it all for Elsa is her age – the very thing she was trying to run away from. At 70 plus, your skin starts to sag and does not have the strength of youth anymore. The plastic surgery that Elsa’s face was subjected to weakened her skin further and thus the natural ageing process – closing any hopes of a gracefully aged look.

elsa patton plastic surgery elsa patton before and after photo

Elsa Patton plastic surgery photo

The most prominent of Elsa’s mistakes is the nose job. The Rhinoplasty did not go well and left her with weirdly shaped nose. She also had lip fillers, which only worsened the situation with her nose. To balance it all out, Elsa gave a shot at facial fillers too and ended up with a puffy distorted face, which almost resembles a punch-bag. To do some damage control, Elsa went under the knife for more surgery. But these were just adding fuel to the fire, until Elsa had no choice but to be stuck with an unnatural face for the rest of her life. Elsa was a live example of plastic surgery disaster.

At least, Elsa Patton has been brave enough to be honest about her plastic surgery disaster and says that there is little she could do about it all. We hope Elsa’s experience is a good lesson against plastic surgery obsessions.

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