Emily Procter Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Emily Procter has been rumoured to have gone in for plastic surgery over her face to make her face smooth devoid of any wrinkles and also for breast enhancements. Like other actresses she also wanted a perfect body and face.

Has Emily Procter Had Plastic Surgery?


The surgeries that she has gone in for are- Botox, cheek fillers and lip fillers, breast augmentation. Her cheeks look tight and lips fuller. Her plastic surgery pictures before and after reveals her transformation. Botox treatment though made her face look shiny yet it looks plastic. She may have gone in for breast implants. Some minute changes that are seen on her face are a nose job and eyebrow lift. Going by her age the larger breasts are in proper accord with her body but the way it has been tight at her age is a matter of question.

Speculations regarding the plastic surgery has no value unless the celebrities themselves affirms the truth otherwise they just appear to be false rumours. Celebs have the tendency of denying it outright too but they cannot escape from the eyes of media. Emily Procter has not confirmed regarding her plastic surgery which leaves her fans in a fix. The breast enhancements may also be an effect of pregnancy so there might not be truth to her enlarged breasts. Similarly the narrow nose may be due to make up tricks up the sleeve.

Her fans however believe that she should not have gone in for plastic surgery in the first place as her transformed look does not appear real anymore. Her nose job and eyebrow lifts are fine but the Botox treatment and breast implants together with fillers in her lips and cheeks was unnecessary. The results are not appealing. Further if she wants to have surgery she should be careful.

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