Gabrielle Anwar Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

The English American actress Gabriel Anwar also joins the celebrity plastic surgery club with a minor lip job. The beautiful actress has been seen in movies like ‘The Three Musketeers’, in which she plays the Queen Anne and also in ‘If looks could kill’. But she gained much popularity for her role in ‘The Tudors’.

Has Gabrielle Anwar had plastic surgery on lips ?

Gabrielle Anwar plastic surgery Gabrielle Anwar before and after photo

Gabrielle Anwar plastic surgery photo

Blessed with natural eccentric beauty, there isn’t any particular reason for Gabrielle to seek help from a plastic surgeon. She had a perfect face, but then something was lacking – at least according to her. She wanted a sexier look and for that little addition, she chose to change the shape of her lips or just add a little permanent pout. Maybe it was all well in the beginning, but as she crossed the 40 year old mark, her original lip started to look much prettier than what she is sporting now. Now she has an unnecessary stretched look around her lips and an unnatural curl of the lips. We suspect fillers, but in very small amounts.

Watch Gabrielle Anwar Plastic Surgery Video

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However, comparatively Gabrielle’s plastic surgery experiment does not seem have done a lot of damage. She seems to be lucky to have decided to stay minimal – that saved her face. Hopefully, she has learnt a lesson from the other celebrities around her and let her look remain natural.

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