Gia Allemand Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Gia Allemand was a famous ballerina and contestant on The Bachelor who tragically passed away in the last half of 2013. Before her death, her plastic surgeries were very well known. She was an unbelievably beautiful woman who looked just as good with or without makeup. She started getting plastic surgeries and changing things about herself one thing at a time.

She was completely open about one plastic surgery, and that is her boob job. Allemand went on to explain that she regretted the boob job because it made her top heavy. This added strain to her back and made it harder for her to do her ballerina act with the misplaced balance. Even though she did not like them, they sure did look amazing. You can tell it was a quality surgeon who knew exactly what they were doing.

Gia Allemand Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Gia Allemand Plastic Surgery

The second surgery which is questionable is a facelift. The reason this is questionable is because she always had great natural skin that is undisputable. The question is, did she get minor facelift surgeries to increase the fullness of her face and tone down small wrinkles that occur as we age? This is difficult to figure out for sure, if you take a look at Gias’ pictures you can clearly see that something is different with her face; she is however as beautiful as ever.

The final surgery that Gia openly denied was getting a lip job. Everyone seemed to believe that her lips got drastically fuller over time. In 2010, she decided to try and prove her point by bringing a picture of herself when she was a kid to the Ellen Degeneres Show. She showed everyone on live TV that she always had big lips, ever since she was young. She is believed to put this rumor to rest by her actions on the show.

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