Gordon Ramsay Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Would you believe it if I told you that Michelin star chef Gordon Ramsay has undergone plastic surgery? How? – You may ask. There are no visible changes on his face and he does look his age with all that creased sagging skin. Well, when the celebrity himself has admitted to it, who are we to deny the truth based only on his pictures or his TV appearances?

Chef Ramsay has apparently admitted to have gone under the knife for a facelift surgery, following his children’s suggestion. He also openly stated that he was inspired by Hollywood celebrities like Simon Cowell. So what made him do it? Well, it seems that his children wanted him to look better because he was no longer just a chef who was restricted inside the walls of his restaurant, but a world renowned television personality with his hit shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef.

Gordon Ramsay Plastic Surgery Gordon Ramsay Before and After Photo

Gordon Ramsay Plastic Surgery Photo

Even though the facelift seems to have been officially confirmed, there are also speculations regarding Botox, fillers, Veneers and hair transplants. It is also rumored that the facelift was not only performed to rein in his aging facial features, but also to get his chin sorted out. Unfortunately, none of those carefully planned procedures seem to have had a positive effect on world TV’s favorite chef. And in fact, it just worsened his condition.

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Too much of Botox and fillers have made Gordon more plastic than he ever expected to be. If something has worked well, even remotely, it has to be the hair transplant. We guess Chef Ramsay is done with plastic surgery for now or is he planning to minimize some of the damage?

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