Greta Van Susteren Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Despite all those celebrity plastic surgery disasters, cases like that of news legal analyst Greta van Susteren plastic surgery gives us renewed hope in the abilities of good plastic surgery to change lives for people. Greta has been open about her association with plastic surgery and why shouldn’t she be – it all turned out to be an excellent decision.

Greta van Susteren came into the limelight as a legal analyst for CNN. Recently, she switched her job to Fox news for a million dollar pay package. Greta says that she had a month between jobs and decided to do something about dark under eye bags. And a s a result she gave a visit to the plastic surgeon and got herself an eye lift or eye tuck. Many have been speculating whether this was done for the new high paying job she landed at Fox news. It is no secret that CNN and Fox had their cold wars regarding who will get Greta.

Has Greta Van Susteren had Plastic Surgery?

Greta Van Susteren before and after photo

Greta Van Susteren before and after plastic surgery

We like the final result and Greta seems to be happy about it too. Now that she has her own talk show, it was only wise to take measures in improving her appearance. The eyelift has worked magic to her looks. She looks younger and refreshed. Greta’s face is much more pleasing now and well suited for the screen.

Eyelid lifts are one of the most popular anti-ageing plastic surgery treatments and if done right they can take of many years from your face. This is very important for celebrities and on screen personalities. Greta seems to have gotten hold of a skilled plastic surgeon who has done his job beautifully. Other than the significant change in her looks, there are no visible signs of a surgery on Greta’s face.

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