Han Hyo Joo Plastic Surgery Before and After Pics

South Korea is well-known for being a plastic surgery hub. Korean celebrities are well-above the league of Hollywood stars when it comes to plastic surgery – especially because they get it right almost always. With most of the Korean stars admitting to have gone under the knife, the question was put too Han Hyo Joo too. She briefly stated that she has never had any plastic surgery to enhance her beauty and insists that her looks are natural. Is it so? Let’s take a look at what’s being cooked up by the rumor mills.

Did Han Hyo Joo Had Plastic Surgery (Nose Job) ?

Han Hyo-joo is a South Korean actress, best known for her leading roles in the television dramas Brilliant Legacy and Dong Yi , as well as the film Cold Eyes (2013) for which she won Best Actress at the Blue Dragon Film Awards. Han was discovered in a teenage beauty pageant and made her acting debut with the sitcom Nonstop 5 and the gangster comedy My Boss, My Teacher.

han hyo joo before and after photo

Han Hyo Joo before and after plastic surgery

Take a look at Han Hyo Joo’s before and after photos? Did you get any clues to plastic surgery? We didn’t see any significant changes either. But according to celebrity watchers and gossip clubs, Han may have undergone plastic surgery for a nose job and jawline surgery. An eyelid lift is also speculated. But keeping all the rumors apart,  Han may be carrying natural looks after all. After all, there are no substantial evidences to prove other wise.

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The major argument against this is that a comparison with Han’s high school photos may not be enough, as plastic surgery is performed at a very early age in Korea and Han may have paid a visit to the plastic surgeon’s clinic much before her teenage years. We think that’s a little too much of a criticism. Maybe this celebrity is naturally beautiful. Let’s just hope so, at least!

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