Heather Locklear Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Although plastic surgeries are too pronounced in Hollywood yet there are many stars who prefer to stay tight-lipped about the cosmetic works. Heather Locklear is one among them who has always declined any speculation about getting under the knife even her unnatural youthful looks at 52 speak otherwise. According to seasoned plastic surgeons, the Melrose Place starlet has been under the knife quite a number of times.

Heather Locklear Plastic Surgery


If the plastic surgery speculations are to be believed, then Heather seems to have opted for a number of cosmetic procedures for her face. First of all, she must have gone for Botox injections. Post 50 it’s not usually possible for any woman to stay wrinkle free but Locklear has amazed everyone with her oh-so-smooth skin even at such a mature age. The Botox injection helps to even down the lines or wrinkles on face and seem to have worked wonderfully with Locklear.

Then, sagging skin is another sign of aging rendering an undesired loose feel to an aging face. But if you go through Heather’s recent photographs you would be startled with her ravishingly tight & firm face that is definitely not possible naturally. The obvious conclusion is a facelift procedure which has offered her a fantastic taut aura, making her look still in the mid-thirties. Looking at her high cheeks, a cheek implant procedure can also be concluded.

Besides, Heather has definitely taken to a breast augmentation procedure. If you go through her earlier pictures, you will find a young Heather with smaller breasts but her latest photos show her with much rounded and bigger breasts. Moreover, the breasts appear firm and that taut feel at this mature age is the clear result of a cosmetic touch.

Finally, Heather seems to have taken to a nose job as well since her nose appears sharper lately than what was before.

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